Breastfeeding support group

Monthly Breastfeeding support group now in Grahamstown!

This is excellent news for all pregnant moms as well as all women, either while breastfeeding their babies or toddlers or just being interested in the topic of breastfeeding.BreastfeedingBaby

Research has shown that most women need continues support to able to successfully breastfeed their babies.

The ultimate goal of this support group.

  • To provide a place and a time where women can meet
  • To make new friends
  • To discuss breastfeeding and breastfeeding related topics
  • To get the evidenced-based correct information from a IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant).
  • Mother-to-mother support
  • Fun morning
  • Baby/toddler friendly space where they can feed and/or play

It must be noted that you do not have to experience any problems with breastfeeding to be able to join. It is best to start even before your baby is born to be in an environment between other moms with various different ages of breastfeeding babies.

*Should you know of anybody else who might benefit from coming to these mornings, please bring them along or send them my contact details to contact me.


Should be on every last Friday of a month, but will post it on my Facebook page as well as the GPN network and this page on website.

Please contact me to also get your name on the list for private invitations with exact date and time.


Group meetings will be at the Natural Affinity Pilates studio in Stones Hill in Grahamstown

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