Trying to avoid an episiotomy?     

Do you have a fear of tearing during the birth?                                                                                                                                                                   Try the Epi-no…                                                                                                                                                                                                                            It is:          

  •  Easy to use
  • a simple device to exercise anytime at home
  • prepares the perineum to be able to stretch
  • Complements perineal massage
  • Reduces fears for the second stage
  • Reduces the length of the second stage
  • optimal device for speeding the recovery process
  • More sexual satisfaction
  • can use it throughout life to strengthen perineal muscles

Usage in pregnancy?

In pregnancy it can be used for 2 different reasons.

1. Strengthening of pelvic floor muscles/ Kegel exercises
It is quite common that our pelvic muscles to weaken during pregnancy. The further along in your pregnancy, the heavier your baby becomes and this, together with hormonal changes, it directly affects your pelvic floor muscles.
Kegel exercises are universally tought by all doctors, midwives and other professionals.  When done, together with this device, you can easily see how your muscles become stronger by the reading on the gauge.
2. Training of the perineum for the birth
 From 36 weeks, this little device can help to optimally prepare your pelvic floor muscles and perineum for the birth of your baby. This is done by gently stretching your pelvic floor muscles and perineum to avoid injury associated with delivery.
Click here, to see how it works.

Usage after birth?

After your baby is born, the Epi-no helps you to recover the strength and tone of your over-stretched, weak and possible injured pelvic floor muscles.

Usage for the rest of your life?

It can also be used later in life, when you feel the pelvic muscles are starting to weaken and it is a great exercise tool to strengthen it again and possibly avoid an operation.

See this video for useful info how to use it

**To purchase a Epi-no, please contact me for pricing

It can be send to you anywhere in South Africa


***Can also be used in combination with the Groen Organies Organic Perineal massage oil

20140802_084538The perineal massage oil is an excellent oil to be used with the Epi-no or it can also be used on its own.

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