Organic Labour massage oil

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Take control, empower yourself with knowledge and use this organic massage oil during labour.

 What exactally does it do?



  • It helps with relaxation in labour
  • It helps with pain relief in labour
  • It helps to strengthen and to regulate the uterine contractions
  • It gives the birth partner something very useful to do
  • It can be used as a mommy massage oil after the birth of your baby
  • It might help with baby blues and postnatal depression

When is it safe to use?

  •  It should not be used before 38 weeks in pregnancy
  • You could start using it while in labour
  • When nearing your due date or going post dates, you could start with body massaging with this oil.

Why organic?

It is always best to use products without any toxins on yourself, especially while pregnant. This way you know your baby is not exposed to harmful toxins.

These oils are certified organic by Ecocert


  • Drop onto hands and use as massage oil on back, shoulders, stomach, legs, feet, arms and hands
  • Can be used frequently while in labour
  • Can also be used as a mommy massage oil postnatally


Organic cold-pressed Vitis vinifera seed oil, organic Lavandula angustifolia oil, organic Pelargonium Roseum X Asperum oil, organic Salvia sclarea oil, organic Ocimum basilicum oil


  • For external use only
  • Test locally before first application
  • In case of a allergic reaction, stop using the product and consult your doctor.

Cost and how to order

Contact me to get practise banking details. Once payment confirmation is received it will be send to you. It can be posted to any South African address

  • Organic Labour massage oil           R60
  • Postal fee                                              R30
  • TOTAL                                                 R90


Combo packs


  • Organic Labour massage oil       R6020140802_084627
  • Organic Perineal massage oil     R70
  • Postal fee                                           R30
  • TOTAL                                               R160





  •  Organic Perineal massage oil    R7020140802_084735 (1)
  • Organic Labour massage oil       R60
  • Organic Baby massage oil           R80
  • Postal fee                                           R30
  • TOTAL                                               R240






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