Organic Perineal massage oil

Can be used from 35 weeks in pregnancy.Groen logo

Do you want to prepare for childbirth?

What can this oil do for me?


  • It nourishes the skin and helps prepare the perineum for childbirth
  • It betters the perineal elasticity
  • Less chance for having a perineal tear or episiotomy
  • It helps to increase the speed of healing for afterwards
  • It can also be used in the prevention of stretch-marks in the last few weeks

Why organic?

By using an organic product you know that you are not exposing yourself and your precious growing baby with any toxins.


To use from 35 weeks gestation twice a day.

Put few drops onto your fingers and massage onto the perineum on the outside and also on the inside. This is the area between the vagina and the anus.

It can be used on its own or together with the birth trainer, the Epi-no.

The massage oil can also be used as a mommy massage oil after the birth of the baby, by massaging the hips, stomach and stiff shoulder- and back muscles.

For more detailed directions, click perineal stretching massage. Remember that with this technique you put some organic perineal massage oil on fingers first to get the most benefit by doing these massages.


Organic cold-pressed Vitis vinifera Seed oil, Organic Adansonia digitata oil, Organic citrus reticulata oil, organic lavandula oil, organic pelargonium roseum X Asperum oil


Test locally on skin before applying for the first time.

In case of allergic reaction, stop using the product and consult your doctor.

How to order

Contact me (click here) to get the practice banking details.

Once I receive payment the oils will be posted.

  • Organic perineal massage oil   R70.
  • Postal fee                                         R30
  • Total                                                R100


Combo packs




  • Organic perineal oil                   R70
  • Organic labour massage  oil    R60
  • Postal fee                                       R30
  • TOTAL                                           R160






20140802_084735 (1)


  • Organic perineal massage oil     R70
  • Organic Labour massage oil       R60
  • Organic Baby massage oil           R80
  • Postal fee                                           R30
  • TOTAL                                               R240




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