Birth pool hire

The La Bassine or Made-in-water birth-pool is a inflatable birthing tool.

  • It is easy to transport as it folds up into a small bag and can easily fit into a car.
  • It can be used as either a means for a water-birth and/or for pain relief in labour.
  • If filled, it takes about 450l of water and the depth is about 65cm.
  • It is very comfortable, as the sides and bottom are soft but sturdy and strong.

Hire of birth-pool

  • Once you have decided to hire the birth-pool for the birth of your baby, you will need to contact me to “book” the pool.
  • I will send you some information regarding the pool and the relevant contracts.
  • Deposit payment is needed to confirm booking
  • From 37 weeks gestation, the pool can be collected and the remaining balance needs to be paid then.
  • You can keep the pool up to 1 week after your baby’s birth, where after it needs to be returned.
  • For further details and pricing, please contact me.

Safety and hygiene

  • You will be provided with cleaning solution to be used before using the pool
  • You will be provided with a new sheeting to be placed into the pool, before filling of the water
  • Every client get a new 10 m clear tubing hose. This is to grantee that cleanliness. This is to be used for the filling and emptying of the pool. This will also remain your property after the birth of your baby.

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