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“We are ALL born dentally healthy. Our aim as dentists, health care providers and PARENTS is to keep it that way!!”



X-gel – R65

An innovative way to prevent tooth decay
Combines the power of Xylitol with Calcium to protect children’s teeth and gums
Ideal for babies, toddlers, children and pregnant moms too!
  • Developed by a paediatric dentist
  • No need to rinse or spit out, can be swallowed
  • Use as a “toothpaste-substitute”
  • Eco-friendly No fluoride, grit, colorants or flavourants

What is X-gel? A gel designed to prevent early childhood decay.

What is in X-gel? Xylitol, a nutraceutical, which prevents harmful biofilm build-up. Calcium and phosate minerals to strengthen outer teeth enamel. X-gel has a gel base of plant origin. It is thus acceptable to vegetarians and other special diets. It is made from sterile, purified water and therefore contains no preservatives

How is X-gel used? Apply 2 drops onto an Xgel sponge from birth. The gel is rubbed over the gums. This will eliminate the redness (inflammation) of ‘teething’. When teeth erupt (from about 6 months), Xgel can be applied on Xgel sponges, a Q tip, a finger brush or a baby’s toothbrush. Do not rinse off.

When should X-gel be used?After each main feed or meal. Aim for 3 to 5 applications daily. When teeth erupt, Xgel can be a substitute for toothpaste. Apply 2 drops on a dry brush. Brush after meals and at bedtime. Most benefit is received when Xgel is left on teeth overnight. Unlike toothpaste, Xgel is safe to swallow. It does not contain fluoride and harmful chemicals (preservatives, colourants, detergents, flavourants, etc.) found in children’s toothpaste. Moms are particularly concerned that their very young children are inadvertently being exposed to these harmful products, because they swallow so much of their toothpaste.

How long should X-gel be used? Xylitol usage, to maximize its dental benefits, is life-long. However,             studies have shown that the maximum benefit occurs when it is given as new teeth erupt. This is from about 6 months to 2½ yrs. as the first teeth erupt into the mouth. The first permanent teeth erupt between 4-8 yrs., and again from 10-14 yrs.

Other advantages  Kids approve of Xgel’s deliciously sweet taste which encourages good oral care.


Sponges – R22

Sponges are used to clean the babies mouth.

Breastmilk is anti-bacterial, so no need to start cleaning the mouth at this time. Should the baby, however, get anything else, like formula or when solids are introduced, it becomes important to clean the baby’s mouth.

The problem is that milk residue left in the mouth after each feed, provides a perfect medium for mouth bacteria to grow. An Xgel sponge, moistened with cool, boiled water and/or Xgel, allows mom to clean baby’s mouth and gums.


Finger-brushes – R22

A finger-brush is a little plastic cylinder that fits around your finger. It has special The finger-brush can be used when there are teeth in the baby’s mouth. By using your finger, you have better control of the cleaning and brushing of the teeth. Just remember that is still important to keep cleaning the rest of the gums and tongue.


Disclosing tablets – R22

These tablets are used to test your brushing and flossing skills. They are made of harmless vegetable dye and will stain any plaque present on the teeth. They can be used, before brushing, to disclose plaque or, after brushing, to show plaque you’ve missed.

These tablets are worth gold for the children who say that they have brushed their teeth and one knows it wasn’t done or not done properly! It is a tablet that if chewed, turn teeth pink and/or purple. The more plaque and bacteria on the teeth, the more pink and  purple it gets!

It is a very easy way of showing our children why we keep on saying that one should brush our teeth properly.


Tooth-mousse – R315

This is the Rolls Royce, especially used together with X-gel!

This is an excellent product to use at night after the toddlers’/children’s teeth are brushed and they are getting ready to go to bed. It can also be used for adults, so it’s for the whole family.

It comes in a tube that looks like a tooth paste tube. One puts a little bit on your or your child’s finger and it is then rubbed on all the teeth. During the night your teeth are then treated with this mousse to help strengthen and repair any damage that might have occurred during the day.

Our teeth have the ability to heal themselves, given the right environment. This gel provides the right environment and replaces the calcium phosphate on the teeth. It is also nice tasting and thus the kids remember and ask for this at night!


Xylitol granules – R90

Use  Xylitol  to  sweeten  beverages  or  sprinkle  on fruit  or  cereal  and in  cooking


How to order 

  • Contact me to come and collect
  • I can arrange delivery in Port Alfred and Grahamstown
  • For parents further away, products can be posted

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