About Ingrid


First of all, I am a mom of 3 of the most wonderful  children  and the wife of my best friend, Christoph.

These are the people that really support me with what I do. I get to answer phone-calls in the middle of the night, I drive around to all sorts of different homes in different places (and some of them quite far) and sometimes head out at the most weirdest times. Truth be told, my kids (and husband|) know all there is to know about helping with breastfeeding, how to wind a baby and what to do when your baby is jaundiced! Yes, they hear this the whole day 🙂

Am feel very previliged to be able to really work my passion! I see so many miracles every day. First of all, to fall pregnant is already a miracle on it’s own, the development of the baby, to be able to carry that pregnancy to term and just how our bodies works. It is not just to support the pregnancy, but also to nourish, protect and already help with brain growth and education!

To me, my family life is very important. This is another reason why I feel blessed to be working the way I work. I am able to schedule all my appointments in a way that I am still there for my kids in the afternoons,except of cause, if a baby decided that that day is the right day to be born and to meet his parents…

Living in Gauteng

I have done a bachelors degree in nursing (B.Cur) at RAU. During our studying, we where exposed to all the different areas in nursing, general-, community-, psychiatry and midwifery. I liked midwifery from the start, as it felt to me that this is usually an area of joy and happiness. This is the place where I can see and feel miracles on a daily basis. After finishing my degree, I started working in a private hospital’s labour ward and was quickly labeled at being a bit different. I am a outspoken lactavist, encourage natural birth as far as I can and challenged normal hospital routine. During this time, I have also started teaching antenatal classes and also furthered my education with a diploma in perinatal education. After helping many women with breastfeeding and taking that as one of my primary jobs in the labour ward, I also wrote the international board lactation certification exam.

It was after that time that I started my own private practice, where I did lactation consultations in hospitals, had a baby clinic, a regular radio show and offered antenatal classes. This became a very demanding job and having a family myself, the move to Cannon Rocks seemed to come at just the right time. It was sad to hand my practice over to the next person, but I also new, that no matter where one goes and lives, there will always be people being pregnant and having babies.

Living in the Eastern Cape

Cannon Rocks is a beautiful, quiet little coastal town in the Eastern Cape. It lies within close proximity of Boknes, Kenton-on-Sea, Alexandria, Port Alfred and more inland to Grahamstown. After arriving here, I realized that there was nobody offering my kind of services in this whole region. I started with baby clinics again and also with lactation consultations, antenatal classes and postnatal follow-up.

After being involved with a 2nd time pregnant couple during one of the antenatal classes and their desire to once again have their baby at home (1st one born at home in Jhb), I new this was also an area where there was a big need, not only so much for home births but for active midwifery births in hospital. My life took yet again a new turn, when I was phoned to please come help with the birth of this baby at their home, after their plans did not work out with their caregiver and the mom was already in labour! I arrived at this couples home and experienced such a loving, peaceful birth with this family, that I new I had to continue my journey of midwifery. Following that I did a honors in Advanced midwifery and neonatology. I had to do lots of practical hours at both Settlers hospital in Grahamstown and in Dora Nginza in Port Elizabeth. This has helped tremendously as the hospital staff and doctors already new me and it opened the doors to me at Settlers hospital to bring my own private clients for active births and to be able to work there as being the private midwife to other doctors’ patients.

Home birth for baby number 3

Our lives took yet another turn in 2012, when we found out that we were once again pregnant after 7 years! This was a planned surprise as we always thought of a third baby, but after so many years life became easier, I got to be more independent again, especially with my kind of work, and so when that second line made itself visible on the test strip it can as a big surprise!

We opted for a homebirth this time. You can read about it here


I love what I do and I feel privileged to be able to form part of such an important time in all my special people’s lives.


Children keep us in check. Their laughter prevents our hearts from hardening. Their dreams ensure we never lose our drive to make ours a better world. They are the greatest disciplinarians known to mankind. 
— Queen Rania of Jordan, Hello Magazine

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