Home phototherapy for baby

**This practice is based in the Eastern Cape**

It is quite common for newborn babies on day 3 – 4, to develop jaundice. This is a condition, where you will notice that your baby’s skin and the white of the eye, look yellow. Do not panic! Mostly, it is of no concern, but you may choose to have your baby seen, to set your mind at ease and to tell you what to do. In most cases, just by feeding more often, to increase the baby having dirty nappies, and by placing him in the sun (cloths off), is sufficient with the treatment for baby jaundice.

In some situations, the baby might seem very jaundiced and very sleepy. This might be then be necessary for a blood-test, as one tests the bilirubin in the baby’s blood. This test is usually preformed with a heel-prick. I could come to you and during the visit do the test. Alternatively, to cut costs, you might go to Pathcare in town and depending on the results of the test, I will then come to you, to set up and start the phototherapy.

Phototherapy is where the baby is placed naked under special phototherapy lights. Because of the intensity of the light and the new delicate eyes of a newborn baby, the eyes will be covered every time he needs to be placed back.


  • Phototherapy for baby in your own bedroom in your home
  • No baby re-admission to hospital after already being at home
  • No extended stay in hospital for baby
  • Daily home-visits and follow-up
  • Personalized mom and baby care

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