Antenatal classes

Pregnancy should be the most wonderful time in your life. You have created a new life, where one life is growing inside another. It truely is a hartjiemiracle! It is however, sometimes also a very stressful time. A time were there are so many questions regarding your pragnancy, birth and baby.

Antenatal education classes deal with all these questions and concerns. These classes are for all expectant parents wishing to empower themselves with knowledge regarding their pregnancy, their birth experience and the immediate post partum period.They help to prepare you for your big day. Contrary to popular believe, Childbirth classes are not only for couples who plan a normal birth. It is also very useful for the cesarean birth couples, as there are many different topics to be discussed.

The classes combine a fun-filled time with important information gained at the same time. It is often a place were one makes new friend who are also pregnant and deal with the same difficulties than you.

Topics might include:

  • The wonder of your pregnant body
  • Pregnancy niggles and abnormalities
  • How labour starts
  • Pain relief options
  • Labour and the birthing process
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques
  • Stem cell banking
  • Kangaroo-mother care
  • Delayed cord cutting
  • Assisted birth
  • Ceserean birth
  • Breastfeeding- to get it right from day 1
  • Going home with your baby and lots more…


Individual classes:

  • In the convenience of your own home or at my studio in Cannon Rocks
  • On a time that suits you
  • Individualized and personal care, so that classes can be tailored to suit your specific needs.
Group Classes:
  • Cannon Rocks group classes
  • Grahamstown group classes
  • Allows for good discussions and socialization
  • Make new friends
  • Build-up of peer support

Cost and medical aids?

  • Click here for more information
  • Contact me for more information and costs for various options
  • Most medical aids to cover the classes. It is your responsibility however, to get all details from your medical aid. I do require payment upfront. You will then need to claim back yourself at the end of the classes.

How to book?

  • For more information, click here
  • Phone or e-mail me
  • If dates are set, deposit will be required.

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