Pregnancy Check-ups

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Pregnancy check-ups are very important. This is the time  when you can ask all those questions about yourself, pregnancy and your baby. You will get a complete physical check-up to make sure all is in order with you and you baby. I will listen to your baby’s heartbeat by a fetal doppler, which allows you to hear it as well. If you have other children you are most welcome to bring them along as it provides a time where they can also start to bond with their new brother or sister.

At the end of this session I like to do Belly mapping. This is where I draw your baby in the position he is currently in, on your abdomen. This allows you to go home and show other family members and friends, your baby. At any point, it abnormalities are detected, I will refer you back to your doctor.

Your doctor out of town?

Should you have your doctor out of town (East London or Port Elizabeth), you have the option to alternate your regular pregnancy checks between your doctor and myself, especially in the last trimester, where the visits become 2 weekly and the weekly occurrence.




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