TENS hire

The TENS machine or Trans-electrical-nerve-stimulator, is a fantastic tool to use in labour.

It is a non-invasive pain relief technique in labour, and allowing mobility, while at the same time, you control the device when having contractions.



  • small
  • easy to manage
  • fantastic tool for painrelief
  • non-invasive
  • no side effects on baby
  • helps to maintain active labour
  • helps to increase your own feel-good-hormones, endorphines, in labour

When do I get it?

It is useful to get it before you go into labour so that you have enough time to play around with it and familiarize yourself with the working of the TENS.

Normally, one can collect it from 38 weeks and you keep it until your baby is born. You need to return the TENS no later than 1 week after the birth.

How to book the TENS

Contact me for pricing or any other information you need.

You will need to pay a deposit and fill out a booking form to secure a TENS machine for your birth.

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