Postpartum services

Postnatal home support/visits

The first few weeks of parenthood is a very special time, but it can also be a very stressful time, especially with your first baby.

This is often the time problems could creep in, be it with breastfeeding or with general baby care. You might have lots of questions or you just might need to hear that you are doing great at being a mom!

Home-visits are offered, where I come to you and could address any problems or concerns you might have.

  • No need to drive somewhere for a doctors or clinic visit.
  • In the comfort of your own home- you don’t even need to get out of bed!
  • Personalized, one-on-one care
  • Complete mommy check
  • Complete baby check
  • Breastfeeding consultation
  • 6 weeks check and or pap smear could also be done.

Me, with baby Micheal


Breastfeeding consultations

During a postnatal home-visit with Lotta, a new mommy

While breastfeeding may not seem the right choice for every parent, it is the best choice for every baby. 

~Amy Spangler

  • One-on-one breastfeeding consultations
  • In comfort of own home or at clinic
  • No rushing of appointments
  • Complete baby check
  • Personalized care

Being a IBCLC (International Board certified lactation consultant), I feel very passionate over breastfeeding. I truly believe that almost all women can breastfeed. It helps to have a good start with breastfeeding from birth and then to have continues support, from the partner to your healthcare professionals.

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural things to do after having a baby. There is no question about the importance of it. Sometimes, however, little problems creep in, breastfeeding might get of with a difficult start and it does not feel easy and natural. As with most problems, it is best to seek help early on as most problems can be overcome.

Breastfeeding consultations are usually done in the convenience of your own home, as this is your space and this is where you will be with your baby. You could however, also choose to come see me at my home-based clinic in Cannon Rocks or at my clinics in either Kenton or Port Alfred.

For further details, or questions about costing, you need to contact me, as the home-visit rates differ from the various areas.


Home phototherapy for a jaundiced baby

It is quite common for newborn babies on day 3 – 4, to develop jaundice. This is a condition, where you will notice that your baby’s skin and the white of the eye, look yellow. Do not panic! Mostly, it is of no concern, but you my choose to have your baby seen, to set your mind at ease and to tell you what to do. In most cases, just by feeding more often, to increase the baby having dirty nappies, and by placing him in the sun (cloths off), is sufficient with the treatment for baby jaundice.

In some situations, the baby might seem very jaundiced and very sleepy. This might be then be necessary for a blood-test, as one tests the bilirubin in the baby’s blood. This test is usually preformed with a heel-prick. I could come to you and during the visit do the test. Alternatively, to cut costs, you might go to Pathcare in town and depending on the results of the test, I will then come to you, to set up and start the phototherapy.

Phototherapy is where the baby is placed naked under special phototherapy lights. Because of the intensity of the light and the new delicate eyes of a newborn baby, the eyes will be covered every time he needs to be placed back.

For more information, contact me


Private Baby Clinic

Please click on the baby clinic menu-bar or click here,  to get the relevant information.


Mothers support group

I am hosting a once a month, mother support group at my home in Cannon Rocks. Usually, it is on the first Friday of every month, from 10h00.

This allows mothers, from all over the area, to get together. There is no correct age your baby has to be. If you need to get out and meet new people, this is the place to be. Moms with babies from 3 days old to just before school age has come to these group meetings.

If you want to join our group, please contact me, as I will put you on my phone list so that you can also receive the reminders and you can take note of any changes.


6-week check-ups

The 6-week check-up can be done at either your home or at one of my various clinics.

A complete physical examination will be done and depending on when you had your last pap smear, this can also be done at the same time.

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