Birthing services

**Currently I do homebirth and waterbirths. The hospital birth etc are still listed at the end as it might change in the future.


A Home-birth is a viable option for low risk women.

If this is your wish, we can discuss the possibility. Just important to remember that safely always comes first and should any abnormalities be detected, you will be transferred to hospital to continue your labour and birth there.

I will assess both you and your baby throughout your labour. You have the freedom to choose what you want to do throughout labour and who you want present at that time.

After the birth, I will stay at least for the first couple of hours, to assess you and your baby, to help with breastfeeding, if needed, and to tuck you into bed. I will do follow-up home visits for the first couple of days and will see you then again at 6 weeks for the final 6 weeks check-up.

Advantages of a home-birth:

  • privacy of your own home
  • personalized one-on-one care
  • freedom of movement
  • freedom of birthing positions
  • you can choose who you want present
  • sibling involvement as you choose
  • your own food and drinks
  • baby stays with you
  • cuddling and sleeping in your own bed after the birth



For those couples who choose to use warm water for either the labour and/or the birth, this birth-pool might be an option. The birth-pool is an easily transported pool, that can be taken and used in various different birth locations. 


  • Warm water is a fantastic pain reliever in labour.
  • It can be used during labour and/or during the birth.
  • Warm water helps preventing perineal tears
  • Easy for mom to change positions
  • Gentle birth for baby, no bright lights and temperature shock
  • Can be used at any hospital were it is allowed with either myself as your midwife or with your own doctor.






NOT CURRENTLY AN OPTION, only when transferred in labour

Hospital birth (midwife-assisted)

~When you feel that first kick, and hear a tiny heartbeat for the first time you suddenly understand what it means to love someone more than your own life~


  • One-on-one, personalized care
  • Can choose to stay at home for longer- labour assessment and care already starts at your home
  • Safety of birthing in a hospital
  • Complete partner involvement
  • Immediate skin-to-skin and for at least for the first hour
  • Immediate initiating of breastfeeding
  • Routine delayed cord-cutting
  • Early discharge if chosen- postnatal care continues at your home

Mothers who would like to birth in a hospital setting, but also wish to have an active birth, can choose to have a midwife-assisted birth at Settlers hospital in Grahamstown. This means that I will see you throughout your pregnancy for the regular pregnancy check-ups, will deliver your baby and do all follow-up care after the birth.

Although you have chosen to birth in hospital, it does not mean that you need to be there for the duration of labour. Depending on how your labour progresses, I can be with you at your home and assess you and your baby intermittently until birth becomes closer or you are ready to rather go to hospital.

You are free to birth in any position you would like. I could also make some suggestions at the time.  In my opinion, birth is a natural progress and should be treated as such.

I encourage dad involvement during the birth and once baby is born, I encourage skin-to-skin time for at least an hour from the time of birth or at least until baby had his first feed. The baby should not be weighed and measured at this time, as there are a lot of instinctive behaviors seen within the baby and these are lost should baby be taken away from mom, even if only briefly. I routinely practice delayed cord clamping, unless cord blood is used for stem cell banking.

Depending on your condition, wishes or time of day, you might either stay over in hospital or be discharged. I will provide follow-up care at your home to check on both you and your baby.



Monitrice (own private midwife/doula working with your doctor)

For those couples, who have their own doctors for the birth of your baby, you might choose to make use of the monitrice service. A monitrice is a midwife, who not only plays the part of being the couples doula in labour and birth, by providing emotional and physical support for both mom and dad, but also by working as the midwife, who assesses the progress of labour and checks on both mom and baby.

With this service you might also chose to start your labour at home and depending on your progress, we can then decide together when we go through to hospital. I am in constant telephonic engagement with your doctor, to also keep him/her up to date.

I will be with you throughout labour and will be the only midwife in labourward who will work with you and examine you. Once the birth becomes imminent, I will contact your doctor to come for the birth.

After the birth, I also stay for at least the first 2 hours, to make sure that skin-to-skin takes place and to assist with breastfeeding, if needed. I will also finish up with all the paperwork and before leaving you in the capable hands of the maternity staff, will tuck you in bed with your baby.


  • You are under the care of your own doctor during pregnancy and birth
  • you can chose to stay at home for longer during labour
  • I’m in constant telephonic engagement with your doctor
  • one-on-one care
  • personalized care
  • no strangers
  • no other midwives examining you
  • immediate skin-to-skin
  • early initiating of breastfeeding



Doula for a Cesarean birth

For those couples, where a cesarean birth is required, this service might be an option. This can be with both for elective and emergency cesarean births.

A cesarean birth, is major surgery and for most people it is a very scary time. With this service, I get to know the couple during their pregnancy and will be with them from 1 – 2 hours before the scheduled elective cesarean section.

It can be organised that I go with to theater as the labourward midwife. During the operation I will be there for both mom and dad to provide emotional support and to explain throughout to the new dad what is happening. The newborn baby will then handed to me right after birth, where I will check him and when all well, place him on the mom’s chest. Normally, after a few minutes, we leave with the dad to the mom’s maternity room. This is where I will check the baby and use the dad for the skin-to-skin time, until mommy comes back to take over that role and breastfeeding can be initiated.

In some situations, it could be organized beforehand that we already start with the skin-to-skin with the mother from right after birth in theater and that the baby and dad remain there under my care, throughout for the rest of the procedure.

Proud daddy Clint, with his baby Charlotte


  • more emotional support before, during and after the cesarean birth
  • More emotional support for the dad to explain what is happening at all times
  • Taking photos during the birth and afterwards
  • Possibility to start with skin-2-skin in theater
  • Dad involvement with skin-2-skin
  • Immediate initiation with breastfeeding when mom is back from theater

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