Online Resources

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Pregnancy & Birth information

Educational videos

RISK: consequences of a near term birth (why not to induce before full term)

Work out your expectant due date

Weekly update about your unborn baby

Pregnancy check-ups

Optimal fetal positioning during pregnancy

South African pregnancy website

Homebirth information

Epi-no: pelvic floor trainer

Good positions in labour

Strep B in pregnancy

Dilatation in labour and vaginal exams

Preparation for labour- checking your own cervix

Delayed cord clamping

Inspirational birth stories

Stemcell banking

VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean) 


Breastfeeding help and advice

La Leche League (International Breastfeeding support)


Biological nurturing

Kelly Mom

How to Hand-express

Hygine and nipple care

Flat or inverted nipples

Sore nipples

Engorgement and mastitis

How to latch baby on

Positions for breastfeeding

All Medela breastpumps compared

Medela South Africa

Working and breastfeeding

Correct pumping

Storing and thawing of breastmilk

Breast anatomy

Infant sucking



Baby & Parenting information

Baby sleep

Sister Liliian website



Other interesting sites


Other Private Midwives


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